Taobao shop seller should do the shopkeeper face bad

this article has been written in the Taobao venture sellers who are not suitable for buyers to read.

evaluation as back-to-back write notes, not before the opening who don’t know each other for what, only by conscience ah. Who may be fooled who.


sellers want to get 100% of the praise rate, for this, always careful to serve as their own men that served the so-called "God" is actually "clients" buyers.

said that in the assessment as "tear", the first may be more painful, there will be more and more bright.

a lot of buyers in the poor, after the hope of communication, I would like to say that communication is often invalid.

reception buyers first sees it and the identity of regional income, public servants not to pretend love much; no credit buyers do not understand the rules of Taobao, opinionated; two grandmother at home, by it in the Taobao arena; Taobao veteran, with love in the Henan region sellers pinch weakness; people love Zhanxiaopianyi, love with the stall price set of goods counter. Etc..

second, historical evaluation from the view of buyers, when the evaluation appraise is excessive, careful with such buyers dealing.

again, to see whether there is a bad history of buyers, once there, and resolutely refused to deal with such a buyer, because she has been given to others for the first time, do not care about giving others second times.

, then, it is best to draw up a deal to supplement the agreement, clearly inform the seller does not accept any form of.

finally, before the buyer evaluation, do not evaluate. Buyers to be evaluated and then back to the evaluation, the first to the buyer "bad", and then according to the situation to decide whether or not to modify the. No way, it is better to spend some things, do not get good reviews. Before the buyer evaluation, first break her place, hey hey. When the seller’s reputation has not "pure" after, you can also deliberately installed pure?

told the "clients" as buyers: in addition to the lost diamond ring, the world’s most hard place in my heart.

we make money in Taobao’s hands and wisdom, we provide the best service, our dignity is the most noble.

gorgeous bow in front of the reputation evaluation, when this "God" trample on the dignity and you, never to "God". And soft, the real "God" is without its followers softhearted.

owners, the shopkeeper, when we pray God bless, not because of Providence and too wronged himself.