[small] Gilt Taste defeat the death of the grave food business Revelation

in China, and fresh food electricity supplier has been a hot field of entrepreneurship, almost all of the electricity supplier giants and traditional industry giants will enter the fresh food area, preferably downwind originally life network in different areas to do fast, but the real success is far from abroad, FreshDirect (fresh direct) PeaPodRelayFoodsOcado (Okedo AmazonFresh) other fresh giants are doing well, but does not mean that this area will be very easy, no matter at home and abroad there are many classic cases of failure, another "the earlier horse brother gene or thinking? A fresh electricity supplier dead" has analyzed the case of China, and introduced today is a classic foreign the high-end food electricity supplier failure case of -Gilt Taste

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May 2011, the electricity supplier website Gilt Groupe launched its latest sales site – Gourmet website Gilt Taste. Here a few weeks ago, Gilt Groupe just from including Goldman Sachs Group (Goldman Sachs), investors to raise $138 million of investment funds, this round of financing to give the company a valuation of about $1 billion.

Gilt Groupe fame is a sharp discount and limited inventory of real-time flash purchase mode, to take the sample sales of New York style to the world. Unlike it, Gilt Taste claimed to be built to become a luxury brand to high-end sales of high-end food products. However, this model did not work, in May 24th of this year, Gilt Taste quietly closed.

but as a group has been established, and the prospect is expected to growing food tech startups as indicated by the failure of Gilt Taste, did not prove to have a share in the electronic commerce industry of local food economy cannot in annual sales of up to $225 billion. However, Gilt Taste of the Waterloo that online sales of food is completely different from selling brand-name handbags, understanding these differences is important.

Gilt tast extension

The demise of the

Gilt Taste, as well as the failure of e-commerce sites such as the early online grocery retailer Webvan and the online food market and the subscription service site Foodzie, and many other reasons.

: a failure of product planning lack of fundamental characteristics of personalized food – food food business movement characteristics of at least understood, is directly related to start-up mode is not consistent.

any farm, city, region, or country will not have the same local food system, so the relevant standards can not be a simple – or even not so simple