Living in the left side of billions of dollars sold off a single brand high secret Jianhua

[editor’s note] the Internet brand is able to take the high-end route? A lot of electricity supplier players began to try very early, but there are not many results. The United States and the United States in the successful launch of the group, such as women’s first language, such as the beginning of the line, began to build high customer price brand living in the left, and now has more than a year of operating time. Fang Jianhua, founder of the African man recently dedicated to analyze the brand’s exploration process. The following is the content of Fang Jianhua’s pick arrangement according to the readme.

product + operation dual drive mode

lives in the left team to take the product director + operations director dual drive management model, that is, product director of the product of the United States is responsible for sharing the results of performance, rather than the conventional operating mechanism. The prior problem passing the chicken or the egg, living in the left direction is to build brand products.

lock niche users not blindly chasing the sales of


lives in the left from the initial lock is a social niche and unique female. They are stable, mature and have certain consumption ability. Many people believe that such groups are not interested in large-scale activities, not suitable for electricity supplier channels.

lives in the left customers on the platform daily activities is not sensitive, because do not blindly follow the trend, so the brand itself is not a platform to participate in the activities of relying on the brand; the price volatility will only hurt the customer experience.

early, living in the left put forward three iron rules: do not blindly pursue sales scale, do not blindly follow the trend of discount promotions, product driven brand.

pursuit of 100% repeat purchase rate of

good brand to be rich, there is a yardstick. In the crowd locked, service mode is determined, in-depth and meticulous study of the aesthetic style of the group, and then join the designer’s personal inspiration, has become the core of the target powder suction customers. Many brands that re purchase rate of 30% has peaked, while living in the left believes that this shows that there are 70% problems in the customer’s shopping experience.

from the beginning of the creation of the brand, living in the pursuit of the left is 80% and even the purchase rate of 100%, living in each of the choices and decisions are based on high goals. Let every customer who has purchased the product".

control of high voltage line

live in the left of the customer price at around 700-1000 yuan, while the price of the price control in the following line.

traditional high-end clothing brand, the price ratio of 10 times or more, to some extent, this is the cost of the business to consumers. In the consumer environment, which belongs to the deformity is not a healthy business ecosystem, popular point this is blatant cheating".

in the era of the Internet consumer environment, willing to pay for such a large number of people who will pay less and less. Really want to do a good brand, select a brand to ensure the normal survival and development needs